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Getting a child's interest is vital to teaching. Perhaps the best aspect of using educational comic books is that children WANT to read them.

Simply give a child a comic book. Then watch them open it and start to explore - all on their own. It's as easy as that!

You can distribute educational comic books for independent learning by young people. Children can choose when they will read them – when they are most receptive to the important lessons.

You can also use comic books in structured settings like classrooms. They provide a great basic lesson and a starting point for in-depth study or discussion of important issues. Younger readers may benefit from assisted reading.

Children read and re-read comic books at their own pace. Studies show that children share educational comic books with friends, siblings, and parents. Studies also show they will probably keep the comic book for months and even years, so it can keep on teaching!

How do you use educational comic books to teach children?

Simply put them in children's hands - the kids will do the rest!

Who are some of the people that use our educational comic books?

National Associations
• Trade Groups
• Professional Associations
• Commodity Associations
• Community Service Groups
• Youth Groups
• Franchise Networks
• Conservation Districts
• State Government Agencies
• Cities and Municipalities
• School Districts
• Boards of Education
• Corporations
• Educational Organizations
• Professional Sports Teams
• Advertising Agencies
• Federal Government Agencies
• Public Relations Firms
• Science Organizations
• Financial Industry Groups
• Law Enforcement Agencies
• Manufacturing Companies
• Entertainment Companies
• Parks and Recreation Departments

You're in good company when you choose to use Discovery Comics to reach young people and families!