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Educational comic books are a great way to give children a complete lesson that they can read and review at their own pace. Our educational comic books work because children want to read the fun adventure stories featuring characters like themselves.

When you distribute educational comic books, you leave a lasting positive impression among children, parents, and the entire community.

Below is a list of the educational comic books we currently offer. Click on a product to see details, sample pages, and to order.

McGruff's Surprise Party
Substance abuse prevention for early elementary school students.
Moving With Mr. Mouse
Moving and relocation for young children.
One Green Tree
How trees grow and how they improve our environment, for elementary to middle school students.
Safety Bee
Getting to and from school safely, for preschool to early elementary students.
Search For Soil
The wonders of soil, for late elementary to middle school students.
Way To Grow!
Female adolescence and the menstrual cycle, for late elementary to middle school students.
More coming soon!